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About Our Parish
Holy Family Traditional Catholic Church was originally founded in Charleston, SC (1977), by Catholics who resolved to keep, maintain, and practice their Roman Catholic faith & heritage, despite the many irregularities & errors of the Vatican II church.

Our mission is to preserve, whole and intact, the dogmatic - and unchangeable - teachings of the Council of Trent, as well as adhering to the Papal Bull, Quo Primum Tempore, of Pope St. Pius V. Quo Primum guarantees the perpetual right and usage of the ancient Latin Mass to all priests and anathematizes anyone, even bishops and popes, who would dare to make any change whatsoever.

Holy Family Traditional Catholic Church is open to all Catholics who desire to worship in the ancient Latin Mass (pre-1950's) that their forefathers believed in, prayed, and attended; that which created the many saints of the past that we know and honor today.

We are independent of the Vatican II church, the Diocese of Charleston and its bishop, but not independent of Sacred Tradition, the authentic Magisterium, or Apostolic Succession. We abhor schism and heresy and moral laxity, which is why we have distanced ourselves from any and all diocesan facilities of the Vatican II church and its hierarchy.

Mass Times
Our Sunday Mass Schedules at Holy Family
Rosary & Confessions 10:00 - 10:20 am; Holy Sacrifice of the Mass 10:30 am
These times are current and up-to-date. Please call the rectory if you would still like to confirm.
Any schedule changes or additional information (if any) are posted in the scrolling message bar, as seen below.

Holy Days of Obligation
Rosary & Confessions from 6:30 pm - 6:50 pm; Holy Sacrifice of the Mass 7:00 pm.
**Holy Days that fall on a Sunday will observe regular Mass times only, without a 7:00 pm Mass.

Week-day & Private Masses are celebrated at varying times and may be offered for your intentions.
To submit a Mass intention & stipend, please click on "Mass Intention/Donations" link above.

The traditional Latin Mass of the pre-1950's is the exclusive and Ordinary Form/Rite of the Roman Catholic Church:
no exceptions, no adaptations, no modernizations, and no compromises!

Contact Us
For More Information, Write or Call:

Holy Family Traditional Catholic Church
Post Office Box 462
Summerville, SC 29484-0462

Rectory Phone: (843) 875-9368

Church Email: information [at] holyfamilytraditionalcatholicchurch [dot] com

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We do not wish, nor give permission, to have our e-mail added to any mailing lists.

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