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About Our Clergy
In the early years of our existence, Holy Family was exclusively served for a short time by priests from the late-Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre’s Society of St. Pius X (“SSPX”), or by priests affiliated with the SSPX. When the Society decided to no longer serve the faithful in South Carolina, the members sought-out independent and validly ordained priests who were willing to travel and continue offering Mass and providing the Sacraments, until a full-time priest could be found.

Since late-February 2008, Holy Family has been served by the Franciscan Friars from the Convent (‘friary”) of St. John the Baptist and has remained a focal point of their apostolate for 11+ years. Prior to being offered the chapel, as required by our By-Laws & Constitutions, our members performed their due diligence by investigating the Friars religious credentials, which were confirmed as authentic and accurate, as well as criminal background checks, all of which were passed. The priests make a Profession of Faith, as well as the Oath Against Modernism, which are renewed annually as required by the 1917 Code of Canon Law.

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