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Mass Intentions & Stipends, Offerings, and Donations
NOTICE: By using and submitting any type of donation via PayPal - on any page of this website - you acknowledge and understand that PayPal charges and deducts fees from the amount of your donation...so we actually receive less than what you've really given. Furthermore, you acknowledge, understand, and agree that No Refunds shall be given for any reason, because PayPal now charges for and deducts fees when refunds are issued. You further acknowledge, understand, and agree that Holy Family simply cannot absorb those costs, and therefore shall not, under any circumstances, hold Holy Family responsible or liable for refunds or financial losses of any type or kind.

Candle Offerings

By special and several requests, we are including a "drop-down" cart button for votive and sanctuary candles. These can be purchased through PayPal by selecting the desired Candle Size, where you wish it to be placed, and the prayer intention/memorial of your choice.

The requested candle offerings cover the cost of the actual candle, even though PayPal will charge a percentage of the requested amount.

Please Note: The 14-day candle is the only size candle we use in the Sanctuary Lamp for our Lord, Who is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. However, this same candle can still be bought and placed at any of the named/selected statues.

Select Candle Size:
Candle placed at:
Intention/Memorial for Candle:

Mass Intentions & Stipends

Living and Purgatorial Mass Leagues are available for a stipend of $50.00 per League, and may include any number of names. Masses for the Living Mass League are offered once each month on every First Saturday (12 Masses total), and the Purgatorial Mass League once each month on every First Friday for the deceased, including being remembered during the three Masses of All Souls Day (15 Masses total). Please Note: Because multiple names are accepted for the Mass Leagues, Mass Cards Are Not Offered.

The requested stipend for individual Mass intentions is $20.00. Specific dates may be requested, but cannot be guaranteed. If your request for a specific date cannot be honored, your intention shall be scheduled on the first available date. To be informed of the date your requested Mass is offered, you must specifically request this notification; please allow 5-7 business days for a reply.

Mass Notice Cards Are Available For An Additional $5.50*
(* Includes postage to recipient - USA & Canada only.)

For ease and convenience, your Mass requests may be submitted through PayPal; simply make your Mass selection using the drop-down menus. Masses can also be scheduled by sending your Mass request & stipend to our mailing address below:

Holy Family Traditional Catholic Church
Post Office Box 462
Summerville, SC 29484-0462

Mass Requests/Stipends
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Thank you for your past intentions and support!

May God bless you!
General Donations

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